The Best Features of a Virtual Exhibition Platform

The Best Features of a Virtual Exhibition
The benefits of a virtual exhibition are numerous MyVirtually. A virtual exhibition can be conducted online
from the comfort of a person’s home without any need to physically travel to the venue. In
addition, virtual exhibitions offer an endless number of features to enhance the experience of
both exhibitors and attendees. Here are some of the best features of a virtual exhibit platform.

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Here are a few of the most important ones. 1. A User-Friendly Interface
The best virtual exhibition platform enables you to leverage data, offering personalized

communications, targeted collateral, and event content. Whether your exhibition is live or on-
demand, you can use a virtual platform to ensure your messages are delivered on brand and in a

meaningful way. In addition, a comprehensive virtual exhibition platform keeps records of minute
details and generates analytics reports. Once your virtual exhibition is up and running, you’ll be
able to track your visitors’ activities and see which ones are engaging them.
A virtual exhibition platform allows you to incorporate a digital footprint for each attendee. This
digital footprint allows you to analyze how attendees move around the virtual exhibition. You can
also include live polls, video content, and Q&A. You can measure the success of your exhibition
by creating a custom analytics report. This way, you’ll know if your efforts are working. This will
help you determine the right virtual exhibition platform for you.

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Another great virtual exhibition platform is Hexafair. You can select from dozens of templates or
upload your own design. The virtual expo platform is completely customizable, which means you
can choose the look and feel of your booth. The Hexafair reps receive notifications when a
visitor enters their booth. A private 1:1 or group chat option allows you to interact with your
visitors in real time. A comprehensive virtual exhibition platform is also able to collect data about
each exhibitee’s movements, enabling you to generate better leads and revenue.
A virtual exhibition platform can be used for lead generation. During a virtual exhibition, you can
collect data from your attendees and use this data to target your marketing campaigns. The
information you gather from this information can help you reach new customers. Besides
providing leads to potential customers, the platform can also help you generate revenue by
tracking their purchase habits. This data can be helpful for your marketing strategy. Your
business can also use the information obtained through the data from a virtual exhibition.
Unlike a physical exhibition, a virtual exhibition is an interactive experience. Your visitors can
engage with your content, and leave comments and questions. In a virtual exhibition, people can
interact with your exhibitors and learn more about your brand. Moreover, they can ask questions
and participate in surveys and other types of contests. All of these features can improve your
virtual exhibition. The more engagement you have, the more likely your attendees will be to buy
from you.